Monday, November 26, 2007

Football Stars Houses - Manchester United

Hello football fans :). As you can see i didnt write anything yesterday. It was cause by our house party, so that's why I don't feel very well :). Today's thread is about houses which are owned by Manchester United footballers. As you know they are earning a lot of money so theirs houses are huge and expensive.

First house is going to be a Manchaster United star Wayne Rooney's house. His mansion costed him around £4 miliion. Manchaster United star live in Prestbury, Cheshire .
A 1930s mansion was pulled down for what has been dubbed "Waynesor Castle." In its place has been erected a house with six en-suite bedrooms and neo-Georgian pillars. The mansion features a cinema and a sports stadium in the landscaped garden. The west wing contains a pink-interior swimming pool, changing room and Jacuzzi. There is also a triple garage.
Next one is oing to be Ryan Giggs. His house is in Worsley (near Manchester) and is worth over $5 million (over £2.8 million) .

A $3 million red-brick mansion built in 1901 was knocked down to make way for a six-bedroom modern house with a swimming pool, gym and high security. The sundial from the front wall was the only feature Giggs kept from the old house. The indoor swimming pool is believed to have his national team's emblem--the Welsh Dragon--worked into the tiles.

Now is time for a defender player Rio Ferdinand. English football star live in mansion worth over $4 million (over £2.2 million). in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Ferdinand is rumored to have his own recording studio in his L-shaped, former coach house, which is complete with a clock tower and swimming pool. The property lies in huge, landscaped gardens behind security gates, and a balcony stretches along one side of the home. Teammate Cristiano Ronaldo also has a property in the area because it is a mere 15 miles south of Old Trafford.
I hope you did find it ineteresting. Come back tommorow there will be more to read i just have to get all my thoughts together after that crazy party last night.

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